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Welcome to ToDoList.Studio

During a normal day our attention can go quite a maze, amazingly.

It is easy to get distracted, to be interrupted, to forget.
More details come up, we get deprived of finishing what we started, we tend to drown in reacting instead to focus on creating.

I am offering one-on-one sessions in Pacific Grove 1 tailored for you, to experience stress-free productivity.

It is not rocket-science nor a bootcamp, it just requires a little interest and openness on your side. In the end it is very simple and straightforward, but don’t underestimate the joy and benefit of our teaming together.

Life is precious,


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What is a good To-Do List?

…it is an inner attitude to be prepared, to be aware of what is on your plate, to care for the things you didn’t say “no” to; to do your best and feel good, no matter what life puts in front of you.

A To-Do list is not a torture instrument, it doesn’t make you into a machine or a slave; the decision what to do next is still intuitive, depending on your moment in time, your energy level, the circumstances.

Oh, I have no time for that, I need to get things done.

Everybody has 24 hours during a day: some people flourish, and many live a life of quiet desperation.

Creating and maintaining a good to-do list is already “working”; it is preparing the mental ground; it brings with it a confidence and a peace that adds stability and capacity when life throws stuff at you.

Don't drive drunk...

Our person, our physical brain, has a limited capacity in this world. Without sensitivity we tend not to notice our drop in productivity (and well-being) when we overuse our mental faculties.

We tend to pretend and plow through, hoping for the better, postponing our self-care here and now.

Mind full-ness?

We waste of a lot of precious mental energies because our minds are too full.

We waste a lot of energy with forgetting, remembering and assuming; rushing over details, running out of time, being overwhelmed or maybe even not challenged enough.

Don't think twice...

Having a good idea or impulse should be regarded as precious and valuable; it can be likened to catching a fish. You honor it, you respect life in it, you don’t just drop it carelessly and walk away, hoping that it shows up when you need it.

How do you deal with the ideas and thoughts that are swimming in your mind? Where do you put them, what do you do with them when they show up, how do you keep them alive, fresh, nurturing and relevant?

Focus interruptus?

If we are often interrupted then we are most likely in shallow water and the fish are rather small.

Dedicating time during the day to care for our minds and the thoughts that swim in it can become a beacon of clarity and the foundation for stress-free productivity for the rest of your life.

Human Being or human doing?

Small improvements quickly add up!

There is no one-fits-all solution, but with a little openness and willingness to look at the way you operate, positive change can be invited already in a short time (probably in less than 3 hours).

Happiness is an interesting creature; common sense makes us believe that it is outside in positive circumstances and outcomes, but it is always here and now, in our attitude.